Introductory Post

My name is Robert Spinrad and my Twitter handle is @SpinradStudent. I am an MSP major with a concentration in Emergent Media, and I am graduating in the spring. I will be starting an internship next week for Philly2night, which basically does marketing and advertising for restaurants, bars, concerts and events in Philadelphia. Along with marketing/advertising I am also very interested in learning about technology and its impact it has on today’s society. I even write a monthly column about that subject for the Bucks County Herald.
This class interests me because mobile media is everywhere. Almost everyone has a smartphone or tablet with them at all times. We use mobile media for education, entertainment, business and so much more. Having that much power at our fingertips virtually anywhere we go has truly changed the way we live our lives – and it really fascinates me.

Yelp – I chose to insert a hyperlink that directs you to Yelp’s homepage because I write restaurant reviews, as well as use Yelp for reading reviews and finding things to do. Yelp is a great resource to use for finding restaurants, business and things to do both in your area and abroad.

I chose to embed the following video because it gives you the dog’s perspective as he runs to the beach. I also chose to share this video because I love dogs and have always had one and I enjoy making videos using my GoPro, which this video was filmed with. It’s also just a cool video to watch.

I chose to insert these photos of London because I plan on traveling there after graduation this summer. I have never been to London before and I am excited to experience the culture.



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