Intro Post

Hi Reader, My name is Anthony Long or @Ant_Made to my twitter followers, I am a junior here at our very own TEMPLE UNIVERISTY, Major In Strategic Communications and a minor in Digital media Technologies.

Anthony Long @ant_made
Anthony Long

I believe that I will find this course interesting because the focus is to analyze “the societal impact of mobile communication…and its impact on issues such as social interaction, identity, privacy, sense of place, and surveillance” (Temple University Mobile Media MSP 4541 Course Description). Today the growth of technology is forever expanding, the way people communicate and share information is changing faster than ever. For instance one of the largest media sharing platforms in the world is Facebook, with billions of subscribers and active users the amount of information share daily will take lifetimes to read, watch and view. Social media mediums trend as well, for instance some newer mediums that is gaining traction recently is Snapchat and Yikyak. Applications like Snapchat and Yikyak are only found on mobile devices and allow the user to be completely anonymous and submit comments without authors and time sensitive pictures that erase after viewing. With ability post and share content anonymously it has created a community that shares information that is not always accurate but offensive as well. This type of mobile communication as generated a new form of cyber bullying and there is no one to be held accountable. So in this class I hope to learn what are the limits of social media, and the legal polices and how does that affect the general public and what active users can do to combat cyber bullying if they have become a victim. A Local NEWS station, does a good job of covering a story about how this mobile app has caused serious cases of cyber  bullying , sexual harassment and even threats of terrorism.

There are a few more things that I would like to share about myself and that is in the past several months I have becoming more immersed in mobile communication. It’s not a secret that more advertisement is done online than on television and for small upcoming entrepreneurs it’s a lot cheaper than television ad time. Starting my own business call Infinity repairs (a mobile device repair service) I plan to reach most of my clientele via Mobile communication two mediums such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

LOCAL 12. (2014, OCTOBER 3O). School district bans Yik Yak app
     [Video file].

Long, Anthony. (Photographer). (2014). Selfie of me in the bathroom
    [Photograph] , Retrieved January 14, 2015


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