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My name is Annie Dimock and I am a junior MSP student here at Temple. This class seemed interesting to me because it touches on issues that are very relevant to my generation’s culture right now. Everyday we’re surrounded by several different platforms of mobile media. The use of smart phones and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have overtaken the lives of America’s youth. Over the years I’ve noticed how much of a hold these things on us have by observing the interactions and behaviors that my peers exhibit on their phones and social media. Many adolescents view their social media accounts as a huge part of their lives, and are often so consumed with their online persona that they neglect more important things and overlook the dangers that social media creates. People share so many details about their person life on the internet without thinking that it will ever come back to haunt them. Many kids don’t realize that once something is posted on the internet, it’s there forever; even if you delete it. Just because you aren’t friends, followers or connected in any way with someone on a social media site, doesn’t mean they can’t see what you post. Many hackers have found ways to make it into anything that you many think is “private”. Employers have ways of seeing everything you’ve ever posted online, which could cost you a job in the future. Problems with privacy go beyond this into a much more dangerous territory. People have been stalked and put into seriously dangerous situations because they weren’t careful about what they put online. I believe the video below does a good job at highlighting the dangers of social media.

You can learn more about the negative impacts that social media has on children by clicking here.

I’ve spent a lot of time talking about the negative side of mobile media, but that does not mean that it hasn’t done a tremendous about of positive things for our society. Because of smartphones, everything is much more accessible than it was before. Everyday tasks such as schoolwork, cooking, shopping, and paying bills are so easy; as we have the entire world at our finger tips. Businesses are able to reach out to customers and relate to them on a much more personal level through the use of social media. One site that many businesses have been using in particular to connect to customers is Twitter. If you’re unsatisfied with your service or product from a company, you can tweet at them with your complaint. Many companies will respond to your tweet very quickly, and often compensate your for their mistake. For examples, Starbucks may give you a voucher for a free drink if you tell them your order was incorrect via Twitter. This type of customer service is very common with airlines. Here is an example of a time Jet Blue responded to a customer’s complaint in a timely manner, doing what they could to ensure he would make his flight.


In conclusion, by taking this class I hope to expand on the knowledge that I already have about mobile media, and it’s negative and positive impacts on our society. I think it’s important to be informed and knowledgeable about the use of mobile media since it a a huge part of our culture, and will continue to grow.

On a lighter note, one thing about me is that I LOVE cats. This is my kitty James. Fun fact- he has a Facebook with over 100 friends.



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