Introductory Post: Julia Crusor


baby 3My name is Julia Clementina Cecelia Crusor (a serious mouthful, I know) also known as @TheCubanDream, and I am more than excited to be taking this journey with all of you wonderful people this Spring! I am a senior (but I have a victory lap so you will see me next year) Media Studies and Production Major from Prince Geogre’s County, Maryland.

Most importantly, you should know that I think that I am fabulous, and I believe that I am a Meme Goddess.  I use memes and gifs in every aspect of my life, from text message conversations to literally making a real-life meme with my face. Some examples of my favorites are gifted to you below: 

Hilarious and fabulous, I know.

So, what interested me about this course? To be honest, I am completely fascinated with the way that people communicate with each other and the means that they use to do so. After reading the course description, I found that this course focuses widely on mobile media (course name giveaway), which is the #1 way that my generation communicates with each other. Just within the small span of my twenty-one years of life (my twenty-second birthday is right around the corner on April 25th and I accept gifts), I have seen technology and human interaction grow, expand, and change at an alarming rate.  The ways in which technology impacts our conversations and mindset on communication just blows my mind. For example, when I was in the 6th grade, having a flip phone with the ability to take and send photos was a major accomplishment. Now, in my senior year of college, if you don’t have an iPhone people silently question your life choices and taste in communication. I also have interest in learning more about the negative effects and consequences of mobile media such as online stalking, data hacking, data mining, and the effects of screen use on our daily life. One great video on cell phone use and what phone companies can know about you from it comes in the form of a TEDTalks from Malte Spitz entitled “Your Phone Company is Watching”.

My hope for this course is that by the end of the semester, I will have a strong knowledge and understanding of all the forms of mobile media in our society, why we place such high importance in them, and what the future for mobile media holds. I also hope to polish up on my internet skills, as I see this course will have me spending a lot of time in front of my laptop.

Overall, I am very excited to be in the course and looking over the syllabus, I can tell that there is nothing boring about it. Between the twitter discussions and the opportunity to create an idea for an iPhone app, I can tell this class will be one that I will miss come May (with that said… Professor Shaw, do you teach anything else?!). So may the force be with you, and may our grades flourish in the coming months.


*Baby photo retrieved from personal family archives/photo album

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One thought on “Introductory Post: Julia Crusor

  1. Small world, I am also from PG county (at least middle-high school). Gladly for me, perhaps sadly for you, I am on sabbatical in the fall. Normally I teach MSP 3421: Technology and Culture (Fall) and MSP 4425: LGBT Media Representation (Spring) at the undergrad level though.

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