lil_diet – intro from a mobile princess (Amber Jones)

Hello Mobile Media friends!

My Twitter username is @lil_diet. Follow me.

I was interested in this class because I use a few forms of mobile media in my daily life and wanted to learn more about the significance of this type of media around the entire world. I was interested in seeing the impact of this more modern kind of media and how it is changing or even taking over the more older or traditional forms. If it is not my cell phone’s basic functions, it is using apps to play games or communicating with my friends who work or live overseas and cannot simply text me (What’s App or Snapchat to be more specific). Apps like Heads Up! have changed the way the boring train ride can be made into something wildly entertaining.


E-readers (though I am still very much into a good old paperback) have changed the game for the way children and adults read textbooks, fiction, biographies, etc. Kindles, iPads, and mobile phones are used to achieve this. Blogs have opened up the floodgates for laypeople to bring us the news and share information and personal opinions. I hope that I will be more informed about some types of mobile media that I am not aware of quite yet, and I would love to see where things are going in the near and distant future.

I have my own WordPress website that I am currently renovating, called Broke Girls Eat Well! Check me out if you are a food lover and love to eat on the cheap! If you are into dance music, I worked at an awesome digital media marketing company for awhile where I helped run the social media websites for dance music greats Tiesto and Josh Wink, and have dipped my hand in the digital spheres for music festivals such as Tomorrowworld and Ultra Music Festival.

Ultimately mobile media will help me learn more about the industry, in general, that I would love to work in.


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