Introduction Post

Hello Everyone!

My lovely parents named me Dwayne Hayes Jr. I am in my last semester at Temple University in the production track of MSP.  I will be also graduating with a minor in digital media technology. I am studying to become an audio engineer with dreams of owning my own studio.  Currently, I am in the last class of the digital media technology class in which students create their own mobile app. This course interested me because it can help me build my app and understand how mobile media can help with my audio engineering career. I have dreams of building a community of media practitioners and I think this class will only assist that dream. This video featuring CoolHandDuke was shot and produced through our community last year!

Mobile media allowed me to capture this picture from the video above.

Pano BTS shot
Pano BTS shot

While in this course I want to learn how to harness the power of mobile media to create a community. Mobile media allows people to feel apart of something through the 24/7 news and media cycle that has developed through social media. Mobile devices are no longer just phones, they have grown to tablets, and very soon wearable technology. This accessibility will only add to the mobile media frenzy we live in. I’d like to understand what our culture loves about mobile media and use it to develop a community for the non professional media creators.

Audio engineering is what I love to do. I enjoy every process of engineering audio, recording, mixing, and mastering. Over the summer I interned through Temple Study Away in California as an assistant engineer and currently work for WHIP radio as a broadcast engineer. This semester I am looking to get involved with Bell Tower Music and put the newly renovated Studio G Austin spoke about to use. My twitter handle is @ze_Lynwood. Game of Thrones is my favorite television show.


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