Introductory Post

Hey everybody!

My name is Austin Gray. I’m a senior here at Temple on the emergent media track within MSP. I don’t really use twitter outside of class so for this semester I’ll be posting on @graymobilemedia. I’ve taken a ton of great production/studies classes within the program and have high hopes for this course as well. Mobile media surrounds our lives with new devices like smartphones and tablets being invented on the daily. Apps have also created a massive new world of software that is simple to use for the average person and can aid (or distract) in any number of tasks. I’ve used mobile media for hours, almost everyday for the past few years but have never put much thought into the “why” of the situation. Initially I was hoping that this would be a slightly “production” based class in which we developed mobile applications so I’m glad to see we do something along those lines towards the end of the semester.

I’m definitely excited to view the world of mobile media through the eyes of others as I’ve always been more of a participant and have never gave much thought to the impact that mobile media has created. I hope to come out of the class with a deeper understand and broader view of the subject.

My main focus within MSP the past few semesters has ultimately been audio production and the recording industry. Temple’s Recording studio “Studio G” is at the tail end of being completely redone and has really set the bar for future audio production within the school.


I completed the Bell Tower Music Practicum last semester and was presented with an awesome opportunity to manage the student-run label this semester as an independent project. I’ll be continuing Bell Tower Music’s past “Live from Studio G” video series this semester, but in a slightly different direction.

If anyone is an artist themselves or knows of any bands/artists that would like to be featured on a “Live from Studio G” episode, definitely get in contact with me over the semester! The studio will be completely finished and open to record within the next few weeks.

Image: Austin Gray, 2014.

Site: Bell Tower Music | Temple University’s student run non-profit record label. (n.d.). Retrieved January 20, 2015, from

Video: Live From Studio G: Tree Fiddy [Youtube]. (2014).

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