Introductory Post

Hello, my name is Asil, also known as @Sil_ill on Twitter. Currently I’m junior here at Temple University, majoring in Media Studies and Production (MSP). After graduating, my plan is to work in the production field, whether it be in movies, TV, or music. There’s something about the entertainment industry that I gravitate to, but if I had to take a pick, I’d say video production is my primary interest. While attending Temple, I’ve attained a job working with the Comcast Spector, providing sports entertainment here in Philadelphia. I also work two other side jobs.

Mobile media has become the most common form of media here in the United States and in other areas on the planet, which is why I chose to take this class. It’s literally almost everywhere. Smartphones give users access to almost an infinite amount of media content, right in the palm of their hand. With that kind of power in such a small little device, I thought it would be rather interesting to take a class on it, and learn how I can best utilize it to my advantage. The way I see things, if you don’t evolve with the times, then you will be left behind.

By taking this class, I hope to gain a better understanding of the different policies mobile media content, and where it’s headed in the future. Many people get distracted by it, so is it really a good thing to get involved with? These are some things I want to know so that I may better market myself through the platform, and learn the advantages and disadvantages through use of mobile media. Since I want to work in the entertainment industry with media content, I feel like this class will be of some benefit to my future self.


I chose to link LinkedIn, because it is an excellent tool for finding people who are interested in connecting with other professionals in their occupational field. LinkedIn is a platform developed for anyone looking to build on their professional network, if people used this as much as Facebook, then that would be cool.

Aside from being a student studying media production, I am also a bboy, which is why I’ve decided to share this video on breaking. This video represents well what goes on through the hip hop culture through the eyes of a dancer such as myself. I’ve been dancing now for a little over seven years now, and very been lucky enough to travel out of state and country to dance.


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