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Hello classmates! Follow me on my newest twitter account: thefakekayfeel

I’m excited to be taking this class because I think knowledge of mobile media is increasingly essential as a communications major. I believe having knowledge of mobile platforms and possible knowledge of app development is going to be really important when I graduate this year and am looking for a job. I think that the more education and experience I have working with digital technology and multimedia platforms, the better, in terms of hopefully giving me a leg Karen from mean girls eyerollup on my job competition in the marketing, communications, telecommunications/media, and advertising worlds.

That is why I am taking Mobile Media. It is my first class at the Center City location. I’m also doing it for the memes. My favorite meme to incorporate is Amanda Seyfried, as Karen from Mean Girls, rolling her eyes.

I am taking Information Society and Media and Children this semester which I think, and am already seeing, relate to this class a lot. I’m also taking two other classes and interning in the city this semester. I’m still not sure if I will be graduating in May or July.

I would like to learn more general knowledge about apps and the business uses of them, if possible. I also think learning about connectivity and how children interact with media (like my nephew and his attachment to his iPad) is fascinating. I think one day I would really like to work at Viacom or Nickelodeon, or work in marketing/branding for some other big company.

As far as things I want the class to know about myself…. I love The Walking Dead, so if you do too- we are already friends. I also love Ed Sheeran and burritos. Here’s a link to a joke youtube video starring Ed Sheeran messing around on the guitar from 2011. (Warning for explicit language).

I don’t have any pets (except fish) but I take a lot of pictures of my friend’s cats and dogs and pretend they are my own pets too. I am also left-handed.


Manasterski, Kaitlyn.

Manasterski, Kaitlyn. Personal Photo.

[JamieFederici]. (2015, Jan 20). Example  Ed Sheeran- The Nando's Skank
     Retrieved from

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