Alexander Long’s Mobile Media Introductory



2. This class is interesting due to the powerful relationship  between mobile technology and society. Mobile Media represents a very potent use of technology by society. Society is able to determine our relationship with technology by the use of government and authority. We are constantly seeing privacy infringements and hacks on major companies. Facebook forces users to use their real name to protect themselves from the Law. People under a restraining order are being thrown in jail due to liking an Instagram. As advancements in technology continue, a greater authority will be imposed onto how we use technology.

“The government’s health insurance website is quietly sending consumers’ personal data to private companies that specialize in advertising and analyzing Internet data for performance and marketing, The Associated Press has learned.

The scope of what is disclosed or how it might be used was not immediately clear, but it can include age, income, ZIP code, whether a person smokes, and if a person is pregnant. It can include a computer’s Internet address, which can identify a person’s name or address when combined with other information collected by sophisticated online marketing or advertising firms.

The Obama administration says’s connections to data firms were intended to help improve the consumer experience. Officials said outside firms are barred from using the data to further their own business interests.”

Technology is able to determine our relationship with society and cultural values. The impact that new technology has on society has always fascinated me because every couple months mobile technology goes through massive changes.

Technology and society are intertwined with each other and I hope to get a better understanding of the combined concepts. By understanding the concepts of mobile media the use of these communication tools will be enhanced. My current abilities using mobile media is severely lacking, and I feel that it is important to use these tools to be successful in society today.

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