Intro Post

My name is Sabrina Stanziani. I live in Roxborough, Philadelphia. I am currently a junior Mass Media Studies major following the production track at Temple. My Twitter is @breestanziani.

I am ultimately interested in learning more about mobile media and what it consists of. I manage the social media and website of the restaurant where I currently  bartend.1499611_541224195984619_739497691_n-1I made it after hearing someone pitch their website building skills to my manager for a high cost. I told him that it I could easily do it (figuring that it is good experience). Shortly after this incident someone similarly attempted to appeal to my boss with app and mobile site possibilities. I found this interesting. I thought about how this is a growing creative piece of media. I am curious if this would be a good career for me to pursue. I certainly consider it a possibility and hope that this class will help me to identify the positive and negative  possibilities of this upcoming industry. The website is currently undergoing changes, but if you would like to check it out click HERE. I am open to and appreciate feedback and advice.

Another career option within media which I would love to pursue is video editing. I went to high school at CAPA (Creative and Performing Arts ). I started as a Visual Arts major. Sophomore year I changed over to a Film and TV Production major with a Visual Art minor. This is where I became interested in media, ultimately leading me to Temple.

I am hoping to study abroad in Dublin this summer. I think it would be an amazing experience. I am especially looking forward to it because I commute to Temple from my childhood home and I work often. Although I do hangout with my neighborhood friends and family, these factors do makes me feel sort of out of touch with the “college experience.” You know, like Asher Roth explains it…

Photo Credit: Sabrina Stanziani, “Seafood House”

AsherRothVevo. “Asher Roth- I love College” Retrieved, January 20, 2015. from


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