Intro Post -ZH

Hey all readers this is Zach Hughes, I’m senior and since this is not my first time taking Dr. Shaw’s class I’ll use the same twitter I did for the last class, @TU_Z2. I took this class because after a number of years in the media school I too have come to the realization that the next frontier in the information age is mobile media. I’m also aware that growing pains will come within this realm like the development of the all the mediums before it. I intend to learn the history of mobile media, the present, and the future of mobile media so we can predict what follows. I intend to learn these and whatever pleasant and unpleasant surprises we learn about mobile media along the way.

As for me personally, I’m a Philly transplant; I’ve spent half my life here, and half my life in The Bronx, New York.

I’ll be graduating in the fall God willing and I intend to start small working at a video, radio, film, or music production company and eventually move on and build my own production company. I’m a sports and music junkie; I love Hip-Hop, R&B, and I’m trying to get into art. I used to operate heavy on Twitter but unfortunately I had to delete it and start from scratch. My personal Twitter is @ValidZach. I love memes as well. One of the funniest new age past times for me when I’m not out is to “watch” events with Twitter and laugh at the people I follow’s reactions. I hope to build and network with whoever wants to, I’m hoping there’s a coder or two in the class as well so when we get to the app design segment we can see some of these apps possibly come to life.

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