Intro | Rachael Friedman

Hi, everyone! My name is Rachael Friedman and my Twitter handle is @dakitty4541.  Here is an artist’s rendering of the mythological dakitty–

Contemporary gothic illustration of a woman with a two-headed cat
by Lenka Simeckova

As a fledgling media activist, the topics in our Mobile Media class greatly interest me.  In contrast to many other academic fields, media analysis can only be properly explored when the most up-to-date information is being used, and it seems like this class is going to do exactly that.  It’s exciting that the course will address issues concerning surveillance, privacy, intellectual property, and the ways in which mobile communications technology has shaped our society.

Throughout the course of this semester, I hope to learn in depth about all of these topics and gain the tools to become a better media consumer, producer, and educator.  I am intimidated by some of the topics and assignments ahead, but know that the challenge will result in intellectual and experiential growth.  I hope to come across issues and ideas of which I had previously never heard, and look forward to integrating new knowledge into my professional and activist arsenal.

Last summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit.  The AMC is a national gathering of media makers and activists seeking to collaborate and teach each other while providing a safe space for underrepresented individuals to express themselves through media.  With a small group of other media and comm. tech activists, I helped plan, organize, and execute the Really Rad Radio & TV Station, a popup broadcast studio and practice space that ran throughout the three-day conference.  I worked on social media presence for the group as my colleagues taught workshops, facilitated live shows, and set up a pirate “test” radio station.  I was able to participate in a number of other workshops and sessions throughout the conference, ranging from printmaking basics to a film screening about Detroit civil rights activist Grace Lee Boggs.  I had never heard of her before attending AMC, but she has become one of my heroes.  Find out why: 

For more information about the upcoming Allied Media Conference:


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