Conor’s Intro

Howdy, howdy, howdy,

I’m Conor. I like visual media an awful lot.

Well, that just about sums me up, but I am at this time, far from the 300 word count. I would have hyphenated that but, you know: more spaces, more words, more money. Or no money. Wait, no. Hyphen still counts as a space. That’s fine too. Right! Media! Mobile Media. Alright. Here we go. I usually enjoy discussing media theories in a general but because this course is more centered around the emerging mobile media and emergent technology, I expect the discussion to be increasingly relevant to our everyday lives. It interests me that we go about our daily lives with such immense social and commuting power in our pockets, yet we rarely stop to think about the impact it is currently having and will have in years to come. We live in a pivotal time concerning the way information works and travels and what I hope is that somehow I can, with the help of this course, find a way to better wrap my head around this fact and more aptly find ways to discuss it. For the course of the semester I hope to meet like-minded people that want just as much to discuss these matters and also people that just as much enjoy things like this. See? Like-minded.

Anything else you’d want to know? I suppose I’ll go through what I’ve been up to recently, media-wise. I’m a gamer and though I don’t play on any technically mobile platforms, it’s all connected. Recently I’ve spent a more than decent amount of time playing Shadow of Mordor. If anyone’s into that, I suppose. Just watched Gone Girl and damn, that is quite the movie. I was not prepared at all for the psychological thriller that followed hitting “play.” If you like that, watch “Side Effects,” with Jude Law. Cut of the same cloth.

And for music and that sort of media, I’ve been on a real Sia kick recently so I’ll leave you with this.

Sia [SiaVEVO]. (2010, May 12). Sia – Clap Your Hands [Video file].

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