Goodguide: Social Justice in Many Walks of Life

When it comes to social justice applications, you really do not hear much about them.  I don’t know if that is due to the lack of advertisement or interest, but these social justice applications have the ability to better people’s life situations around the world.  Just think of the many apps that are popular. Many of them are based on pure entertainment and people use them for amusement. This leads to the overshadowing of good social justice applications.

One application, known as Goodguide, is a great representation of what a social justice application should represent. “This app breaks down consumer products into 9 categories from Personal Care to Cars to Apparel and rates them for their health, environment, and social qualities. You use the scanner tool to take a picture of the bar code on the product you want to see rated, and the app gives your product a rating” (Marek. 2014). This is great for people all around the world because people get to know all of the things about products that they normally would not check when purchasing it. In a world such as the one we inhabit, people like to move quickly. Scanning items enables a quick check to make sure that the product is suitable and the best possible. In Building Mobile experiences, Bentley and Barrett mention the idea of building the experience and not just the technology. “Only trial and error and experimentation in daily life will show how new concepts fit (or do not fit) in people’s daily lives” (Barrett 2012). Goodguide is clearly an application that looks to better the consumer’s experience to meet their needs and this is why it correlates to my food service social justice topic. Nutrition for lower income families is very important, but those needs are not always met because of lack of education and affordable resources. This life experience can be changed with an application that embodies some of the same qualities as Goodguide.


According to the Light and Luckin reading, “Social justice involves everybody. It is not something that can happen piecemeal in a small corner of the world. At the minimum, it is about redistributing rights and privileges between and within nations” (Luck 10). Goodguide is a representation of this because it’s relatable to people of many walks of life. Everyone can benefit due to the designing of an application such as this. The only concern is the accessibility aspect of the application because people are different and some people need more assistance or understanding. Is the information concrete and easy to grasp? Are people going to really understand what the application provides and how it can help? These are important factors when it comes to an application. People need something that will grab their attention quickly and relate to them on a personal level.   That makes everything more relatable because people love when something is catered to them. It shows that people care and want to see others happy as an individual. Goodguide is an application that could be a little more distinct with the way the layout is presented. It should be more entertaining or visually appealing to attract younger audiences. Design is important.




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