Public School App

Mobile apps have become as much a part of society as any other daily utility, and can be used to help society with many social justice issues. My social justice issue being the financial struggle public schools in Philadelphia face, I want to design an app to directly address this issue. The app I would like to develop would be designed as a donation application, directly linked to public schools in Philadelphia. I also want the app to keep track of the status of the schools’ conditions. The purpose for developing this app is to make the schools condition better by actively creating an audience of users donating whatever users can spare. I’m calling it the Change for Chance app.

Change for Chance will start as a prototype app based in Philadelphia, to see if the financial status of the public schools can change and get better through public donations. As an app designed to register users and get them to actively donate, Change for Chance is much like a charity app. Donations will help fund public schools to afford supplies like books, paper, pencils, teachers, technology, and other educational essentials. This app also will be able to give users feedback on how their donations changed the status of the school they donate to.

Many people like to see their efforts making a difference, which is why Change for Chance app will give users real-time feedback and updates. This will make people feel more comfortable about participating with the app. Keeping track of where the money is going, and how it effects the children attending. McDonald states, David Hornbeck complains that Pennsylvania has not only failed over a long period of time to take account of Philadelphia’s exceptional needs but that it also claims falsely that the only problem with available funding is the city’s inefficiency in using it (McDonald 2009). Feedback and updates provided by the app will keep the users feeling like they are making a difference, which they will be. Philadelphians and others, will be able to actively do something to help give to future generations.

Although this app is based in Philadelphia, anyone will be able to participate. Mainly intended for people who grew up in Philadelphia, and live in the city, Change for Chance will also target anyone who has a philanthropic mindset. As the fifth largest city in the United States, Philadelphia has the opportunity to make a difference for its public schools with this app. 73 percent of adults use social networking sites, and 78 percent have smart phones (Skiba, 2014). While directly asking people who are employed to use the app, I’d like the app to come off just a little passive, that way it doesn’t seem too edgy, and push users away. People between the ages of 18 to 28 are already being swamped by a bunch of apps and advertisements. So while the app targets that particular age group, Change for Chance wants to make the participation feel more natural, and less forced. Teachers and parents will definitely be targeted to use the app, as they will be directly impacting their kids’ lives.



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