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In Philadelphia there are many public schools struggling financially due to changes of the school board with the SRC, with today’s technology through social apps we can help to improve this dilemma. Public schools in this city are without the proper essentials to educate the children attending. In the digital age we live in, many of us looking for help, have the ability to reach out to others within a digital network and connect with people. With the popularity of mobile devices and downloadable apps, people are sending and receiving messages constantly, making their accessibility easier. Issues like the funding trouble in public schools of Philadelphia, can be seen and helped. One app that I found to be useful for this topic was the GoFundMe app. This app was developed to help raise money for different purposes, many of which are educational.

GoFundMe is an app designed to raise money for campaigns affiliated with the organization. Known as one of the most popular fundraising websites, GoFundMe developed their app to make donating and campaigning easier and more accessible for their users. After downloading the app, you are asked to sign in, or if you don’t have an account you then sign up. The app targets raising money for things like school tuition, medical bills, volunteer travel and more. With the app you can search the GoFundMe database and find millions of charities to raise money for. Any money donated gets directly sent to non-profit organization.

Although this app is not directly design to specifically address the financial problems schools face, it does give the option to help raise money for education. Much of the money raised can go to either medical, education, or any kind of charity. So the app actually addresses a lot of places facing a need for financing. This is great because it gives people who are members the opportunity to help whenever they can. All donations go directly to the organization, so there’s no need to worry about how the money will be distributed. GoFundMe is used worldwide, and helps to raise the money to make financial struggles better.

GoFundMe is an app that looks to help others by engaging others in the campaign through membership and participation. Light and Luckin state in their book, Designing for Social Justice, what Amartya Sen states in her book, saying that justice requires us to enable people to engage in the activities necessary to achieve what they want, rather than to give them what they want (Light and Luckin, 2008). Which is exactly what the GoFundMe app does. This mobile app creates a network of charities and campaigns to contribute to. Actively engaging its users in the GoFundMe community.

Although the accessibility of the GoFundMe app is fairly easy, there are some things that you must first have before being able to access its functions. Like many networking platforms you must first set up an account. With your account you can actively search the database of anyone outreaching for help, or set up your own campaign. Brian Fung says, “Technologies are being used by authorities who are bypassing legal procedures to acquire warrants. Using key phrases to give reason to do so (Fung. 2014).” The GoFundMe app in fine print tells you before signing up, that their fee is 5% from each donation you receive, and an organization called WePay has a 2.9% fee plus 30 cents per transaction. Another accessibility problem would be the compatibility with people who are disabled. The app does not present people who are blind with the tools to operate the app. Stated by Goggin, “people with disabilities are mostly overlooked as users, consumers, and audiences, when they could be profitably credited as everyday, do-it-yourself consumer-producers of cell phone media,” (Goggin 2006). Once GoFundMe takes action towards making their app available to all kinds of users, they will be able to reach a broader amount of users.


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One thought on “GoFundMe

  1. My cousin is a elementary school teacher in a public school here in Philly. They have no money. She has to use fund raising tools like this (in fact I think it might be GoFundMe that she uses) in order to get simple things like having the class read a book. It’s true that fundraising doesn’t get to the root of the problem, but it does provide an important resouce for teachers to keep themselves afloat. They can’t fight to really solve the problem if they can’t get by on a day to day basis.

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