Digital Sphere/Classroom Contribution

In class contribution (10%)

Active participation is crucial to your learning in this course. You should come to class ready to participate, having completed ALL readings and assignments—simply showing up will not earn a full participation grade. If you wish to sleep, I recommend finding somewhere more comfortable than a classroom to do so (showing up and sleeping through the class will count as an absence).

You earn your classroom contribution grade by taking notes, bringing your annotated (marked-up) readings to class, respectfully contributing to class discussions (demonstrating that you completed the readings), asking questions, and offering responses to the course materials. More detailed information on the attendance policy is here. The policy on using your own technology in the classroom is here. Finally, the policy on creating and inclusive atmosphere is here.

Contribution to class and public/digital sphere:

Discussion questions and Twitter (10%)

1. As part of the course you are required to follow the course hashtag (#MSP4541) and my teaching account (@TUDr_AS). I will be posting relevant articles, news, announcements, etc. to the hashtag and you are welcome to do the same.

2. You will also be required to submit two discussion questions or relevant links to the course hashtag (#MSP4541), no later than noon before each class session. Given the 140 character limit, you may use multiple tweets to convey your question. These tweets should reflect active engagement with the readings and/or lecture materials (i.e. “what is <author’s name=””> talking about” is not a valid question). They must be “thick” rather than “thin” tweets. You will not receive credit for questions posted for days you are absent (i.e. you must be in class, prepared to discuss the issues you raise online). You must post at least 7 of the 11 possible weeks to earn full credit on this assignment. Any questions posted beyond this minimum will count as extra credit. You do not need to post questions for 1/14, 4/15, or 4/22 (nor will you receive extra credit for those weeks).

Please note that in the schedule there are links to the twitter accounts for many of the authors we will be reading. Feel free to follow them, tag them in your questions if relevant, or see what other work they’ve done that may help you make sense of their arguments. Do not, however, spam them, ask them to summarize the readings for you, or insult them (doing so will result in lost points).

For more advice on how to use Twitter see this page.

Comments on Digital Essays (3%):

Blog Comments: Throughout the semester you and your classmates will post three essays to the course blog.  You are required to comment on one other student’s essay by no later than 48 hours after the essay was originally due. See the schedule for dates.

These should be substantive, thoughtful, and respectful comments on issues raised by your classmates and must be a minimum of 75 words. Although it is nice to complement your classmates, do not simply congratulate them on a successful argument. Build on their argument or raise questions about what they have said. You are encouraged to use these spaces to continue conversations from class.

For instructions on how to use WordPress look here.

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