Intro Post

I’m one of the late ones unfortunately, and I hope that I’m doing this correctly. I might even be typing this to myself. But whatever the case may be, let me introduce myself to whoever may stumble upon this. My name is Marcus Perez-Rocha Yeich, but you can call me whatever you wish and I’ll have a smile stapled to my face either way. I’m a senior in the MSP track, and am a true and total idiot when it comes to technology and interfaces entirely. That may be ironic being in the field these days, but once I get something down its hard to get me off of the ball. Its hard to keep track with new trending technologies that are constantly emerging just when I start to get comfortable with the old one. So I hope that this class will teach me to keep with the times. My hobbies are video games, soccer, swimming and anything 1017 Brick Squad. My main hobby is being a ner of nerds with everything manga and anime, I keep up to date with all of the popular manga and subtitled shows right when they are released in Japan, and probably know more than the average Otaku. Naruto is my favorite. I’m bummed out about the manga being over. Sad face.

Hopefully when I graduate, I can become a script writer for a cartoon or a video game, since I’m pretty much a child in a grown man’s body. So I’m going to aim at getting an in with Cartoon Network. I feel like I would have a lot to contribute and would fit perfectly there more than anywhere else.  Its been getting kind of trippy there lately, and I can dig that. But hey, Ill take what I can get in the meantime.

I’m a “glass is half full” kind of gal, and try to look at all situations as positively as I can. Id say that my biggest downfall is that I’m a pro at crastination. That, and I’m too nice of a person. But I can and will contribute to anything that I must with all of my presence when I buckle down. I can be can be your best friend easily and your worst enemy impossibly. But that’s pretty much me in a nutshell.


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