Intro | Rachael Friedman

Hi, everyone! My name is Rachael Friedman and my Twitter handle is @dakitty4541.  Here is an artist’s rendering of the mythological dakitty–

Contemporary gothic illustration of a woman with a two-headed cat
by Lenka Simeckova

As a fledgling media activist, the topics in our Mobile Media class greatly interest me.  In contrast to many other academic fields, media analysis can only be properly explored when the most up-to-date information is being used, and it seems like this class is going to do exactly that.  It’s exciting that the course will address issues concerning surveillance, privacy, intellectual property, and the ways in which mobile communications technology has shaped our society.

Throughout the course of this semester, I hope to learn in depth about all of these topics and gain the tools to become a better media consumer, producer, and educator.  I am intimidated by some of the topics and assignments ahead, but know that the challenge will result in intellectual and experiential growth.  I hope to come across issues and ideas of which I had previously never heard, and look forward to integrating new knowledge into my professional and activist arsenal.

Last summer, I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in the annual Allied Media Conference in Detroit.  The AMC is a national gathering of media makers and activists seeking to collaborate and teach each other while providing a safe space for underrepresented individuals to express themselves through media.  With a small group of other media and comm. tech activists, I helped plan, organize, and execute the Really Rad Radio & TV Station, a popup broadcast studio and practice space that ran throughout the three-day conference.  I worked on social media presence for the group as my colleagues taught workshops, facilitated live shows, and set up a pirate “test” radio station.  I was able to participate in a number of other workshops and sessions throughout the conference, ranging from printmaking basics to a film screening about Detroit civil rights activist Grace Lee Boggs.  I had never heard of her before attending AMC, but she has become one of my heroes.  Find out why: 

For more information about the upcoming Allied Media Conference:


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Introductory Post

Hi all! I’m Meagan Kaman or @mjaekay on Twitter. I am a senior Film and Media Arts major (concentrating in screenwriting) and Digital Media Technologies minor. I am taking this class at the same time as Mobile Computing in the Computer Science department. In this class we are working on programming for web and mobile media.  I am very interested to see how this class and Mobile Computing complement each other.

In this class I am excited to explore why we make and consume the media we do and what the implications of that media. I think that it will be a good complement to take the critical approach we engage in here and see how it applies to the media that I am (and my classmates are) making in Mobile Computing. I am very excited that we are taking a social justice standpoint as it is something that is very important to me.

I hope that by the end of this class I will have a good understanding of how social justice and mobile media interact. I hope that I will be able to apply what I learn about social justice in mobile media to the media I go on to make.

This is especially as mobile and social media become more and more ubiquitous. I was particularly struck by this fact today when I opened the Guardian on my phone and saw The State of the Union in EMOJIS.

The text of President Obama's 2015 State of the Union in Emoji

I’m not sure exactly when emojis became so ever present, but I was somewhat surprised (and delighted, I won’t lie). I think it speaks to the power of mobile media though, that the Guardian (which broke the Snowden story) has decided to take the time to have someone from their staff “live-emoji” (an upcoming cousin of the “live-tweet”?) the State of the Union. 

While I’m on the topic of emojis (and by extension iPhones and Apple) and generally being trendy, I leave you with your moment of zen (okay it’s Colbert not Stewart).

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Introduction Post

Hello Everyone!

My lovely parents named me Dwayne Hayes Jr. I am in my last semester at Temple University in the production track of MSP.  I will be also graduating with a minor in digital media technology. I am studying to become an audio engineer with dreams of owning my own studio.  Currently, I am in the last class of the digital media technology class in which students create their own mobile app. This course interested me because it can help me build my app and understand how mobile media can help with my audio engineering career. I have dreams of building a community of media practitioners and I think this class will only assist that dream. This video featuring CoolHandDuke was shot and produced through our community last year!

Mobile media allowed me to capture this picture from the video above.

Pano BTS shot
Pano BTS shot

While in this course I want to learn how to harness the power of mobile media to create a community. Mobile media allows people to feel apart of something through the 24/7 news and media cycle that has developed through social media. Mobile devices are no longer just phones, they have grown to tablets, and very soon wearable technology. This accessibility will only add to the mobile media frenzy we live in. I’d like to understand what our culture loves about mobile media and use it to develop a community for the non professional media creators.

Audio engineering is what I love to do. I enjoy every process of engineering audio, recording, mixing, and mastering. Over the summer I interned through Temple Study Away in California as an assistant engineer and currently work for WHIP radio as a broadcast engineer. This semester I am looking to get involved with Bell Tower Music and put the newly renovated Studio G Austin spoke about to use. My twitter handle is @ze_Lynwood. Game of Thrones is my favorite television show.


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Introductory Post

Twitter: @tud08950

My name is Dylan Boyle and I’m currently a senior Information Science and Technology major with a minor in Digital Media Technologies. This class seemed interesting to me because it is a combination of interesting discussion and technology. I myself use an iPhone, iPad, iPod, streaming devices, portable hard drives, laptops, and the list goes on. Technology is advancing every year and becoming a more of a “norm” that in past years. Having grown up with technology such as computers and cellphones as opposed to just 30-40 years ago where both were unheard of or incredibly bulky/expensive. Looking forward to find out more about all of these things and more.

Some of my more specific interests in mobile media have recently been cloud services and the databases behind them. Due to its fairly new appearance in common day households it has been a bit of a confusing concept to some and even was parodied in the recent adult comedy movie Sex Tape:

Although the “cloud” may be used rather broadly it merely represents an online access server used to store data. A common example are Dropbox and Temple’s own OwlBox. I personally am looking forward to possibly talking about different topics of data transfer and all of the ethical things tied into it. Due to the recent and rapid expansion of technology in modern day use it has been a bit of a grey area as far as the law is concerned. Overall I feel there is plenty for us to talk about and look forward to it!

Now some more about me I am 22 years old and two random facts are I really like cats and when I’m bored I browse wallpapers and sort of collect them preferring landscapes. As far as my favorite show is concerned that would be Futurama.

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Introductory Post

Hey everybody!

My name is Austin Gray. I’m a senior here at Temple on the emergent media track within MSP. I don’t really use twitter outside of class so for this semester I’ll be posting on @graymobilemedia. I’ve taken a ton of great production/studies classes within the program and have high hopes for this course as well. Mobile media surrounds our lives with new devices like smartphones and tablets being invented on the daily. Apps have also created a massive new world of software that is simple to use for the average person and can aid (or distract) in any number of tasks. I’ve used mobile media for hours, almost everyday for the past few years but have never put much thought into the “why” of the situation. Initially I was hoping that this would be a slightly “production” based class in which we developed mobile applications so I’m glad to see we do something along those lines towards the end of the semester.

I’m definitely excited to view the world of mobile media through the eyes of others as I’ve always been more of a participant and have never gave much thought to the impact that mobile media has created. I hope to come out of the class with a deeper understand and broader view of the subject.

My main focus within MSP the past few semesters has ultimately been audio production and the recording industry. Temple’s Recording studio “Studio G” is at the tail end of being completely redone and has really set the bar for future audio production within the school.


I completed the Bell Tower Music Practicum last semester and was presented with an awesome opportunity to manage the student-run label this semester as an independent project. I’ll be continuing Bell Tower Music’s past “Live from Studio G” video series this semester, but in a slightly different direction.

If anyone is an artist themselves or knows of any bands/artists that would like to be featured on a “Live from Studio G” episode, definitely get in contact with me over the semester! The studio will be completely finished and open to record within the next few weeks.

Image: Austin Gray, 2014.

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Matt McNamee- Introductory Blog

Twitter Username: @matty_mac93

Hi class. My name is Matt McNamee, but you can all call me Matty. I am a junior studying Media Studies and Production. I really enjoy television and hope to one-day work in it. Mobile Media interests me because online streaming in media today is emerging as the most used way to consume media. Just recently, I was at the airport and as I was waiting for my plane, I streamed the film Mystic River on my cell phone through the Netflix app. I find mobile streaming very interesting and would like to learn more about it.

From this class, I’d like to learn more about mobile trends and find out why people do not mind a smaller screen. Usually, when a person is looking to buy a TV they are looking for the biggest and best picture. With the rise in mobile viewing, people are substituting this large picture for a much smaller one with a worse quality. I would like to learn more about why people are doing this.

The Matty Mac Hour: I included the link to the podcast for my radio show. I am involved in WHIP: Temple University’s Student Radio Station and host my own show every Thursday at three o’clock; I also co host Monday-Wednesday on The Quinn Show also on at three. I really enjoy radio and hope that I can continue to be involved in it through my professional career.

Last semester, I finished an internship at Nancy Glass Productions, a reality television studio located in Bala Cynwyd, PA. This was where I first realized that I want to work in television. I assisted in working on shows like Tanked, Dangerous Grounds, and The Hunt for Hogzilla. I was given the opportunity to view early cuts of the shows, find stills and stock footage, and go on set and directly help with filming.



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lil_diet – intro from a mobile princess (Amber Jones)

Hello Mobile Media friends!

My Twitter username is @lil_diet. Follow me.

I was interested in this class because I use a few forms of mobile media in my daily life and wanted to learn more about the significance of this type of media around the entire world. I was interested in seeing the impact of this more modern kind of media and how it is changing or even taking over the more older or traditional forms. If it is not my cell phone’s basic functions, it is using apps to play games or communicating with my friends who work or live overseas and cannot simply text me (What’s App or Snapchat to be more specific). Apps like Heads Up! have changed the way the boring train ride can be made into something wildly entertaining.


E-readers (though I am still very much into a good old paperback) have changed the game for the way children and adults read textbooks, fiction, biographies, etc. Kindles, iPads, and mobile phones are used to achieve this. Blogs have opened up the floodgates for laypeople to bring us the news and share information and personal opinions. I hope that I will be more informed about some types of mobile media that I am not aware of quite yet, and I would love to see where things are going in the near and distant future.

I have my own WordPress website that I am currently renovating, called Broke Girls Eat Well! Check me out if you are a food lover and love to eat on the cheap! If you are into dance music, I worked at an awesome digital media marketing company for awhile where I helped run the social media websites for dance music greats Tiesto and Josh Wink, and have dipped my hand in the digital spheres for music festivals such as Tomorrowworld and Ultra Music Festival.

Ultimately mobile media will help me learn more about the industry, in general, that I would love to work in.


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