Lateness: Attendance and Assignments

Attendance: Your success in this course depends upon you attending class regularly. I do not differentiate between excused and unexcused absences/lateness. As we only meet once a week, you are granted only one absence before your participation grade is affected; save it up for when you really need it. Arriving late or leaving early (10 minutes or more) counts as half an absence. If you arrive late and leave early during the same class session you will be marked as absent for the day (I’ve seen it happen). Moreover, if you must arrive late or depart early do so as quietly and unobtrusively as possible as a courtesy to me and your classmates.

This absence policy also applies to adding the course late (if you add in the second week, for example, you have already used your one free absence). If you add the course late you have already missed material, it behooves you to attend all the classes you can to make up for this.

If you are absent or late, it is your responsibility to catch up by asking a classmate for notes from discussion, reading the blog and Twitter feed, and downloading any handouts. After that, feel free to ask me questions. If you email me or directly ask me: “Did I miss anything?” My reply will simply be: “Yes.”

Assignments: I DO NOT ACCEPT LATE ASSIGNMENTS. Turn your work in on time. This also applies if you add the course late. You cannot make up assignments. Backup your computer files, make copies of everything, and get started before the deadline. As per SMC policy I am only allowed to make extra credit available to the entire class, thus I cannot give you a special extra credit assignment because you forgot to turn something in. It is also unfair to the class to give you an extended deadline because you could not manage your time.

Tech Problems:  Computers die, wireless networks go down, pets do actually eat papers lying around (at least mine do), at times you’ll have problems with WordPress, Twitter, or email, and you will leave stuff on the bus/train/plane/car. These are facts of life, not emergencies. Technology problems will not normally be accepted as excuses for unfinished work. To avoid having any of these things ruin your life back up your work early and often (Dropbox helps), and start assignments early. If you have any problems with course technologies you should email the assignment to me as a backup.

Special circumstances:  Of course, if you observe a religious holiday, have an ongoing illness, are affected by a natural disaster, or have a personal emergency I am willing to grant some exceptions. Absences will be excused and assignment deadlines extended ONLY for documented emergencies and religious holidays. If you want to request that your absence be excused or deadline extended let me know about this ASAP and BEFORE assignments are due if at all possible.

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