Grading Scale

Grading Scale:

93+     A                       90-92   A-

87-89   B+                   83-86   B                   80-82   B-

77-79   C+                   73-76   C                     70-72   C-

67-69  D+                   63-66   D                    60-62  D-

A range: As listed in the Temple grading scale, “A” means excellent. This level is reserved for assignments that are particularly polished (no errors), fulfill all requirements, are well written, and are creative in their approach to the materials. It requires that you demonstrate an excellent critical analysis of the course materials and draws on the framework provided by the class.

B range: Nearly there, but just missing a few crucial parts described in the A range. It is an above average assignment that meets all the expectations, but does not offer a particularly sophisticated analysis, still has a few proofing errors, lacks clarity in development, or other general errors.

C range: Assignments in this range are simply average and meet the bare minimum of course requirements. It is lacking in clarity, engagement with course content, has many errors, and has some other major errors.

D range: Below-average assignments are in this range. It is missing some major components of the assignment and has many errors.

F range: Did not complete the assignment.

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