Access to software training:

Through Lynda, available through the TUPortal, you can watch lots of videos/tutorials on a variety of creative media software products you can access at the Tech Center (or on your own machines).

Tech at Temple: TechnologyAtTemple

Free/open source digital software & media resources (if you find more, please tell me and I’ll add them to the list):

KeepVid (for downloading YouTube videos for use in presentations)

Strikingly (create mobile optimized sites)

There are lots of free app builder programs out there that require little to know programming knowledge. See here and here for a starter list.

Twine and Inklewriter (create interactive stories or text based games)

Audacity (free, open source, audio editor/recorder)

Free music archive (find free, CC licensed music to use in your projects)

Creative Commons (find CC Licensed work to use in your projects)

Omeka (digital archive creation tool)

Prezi (unqiue presentaiton tool or powerpoint with motion sickness? you decide!)

Comic Life (create your own comics, even if you can’t draw!)

Cooliris (“one app for all your photos”)

Dipity or TimelineJS (create digital, interactive timelines)

Wordle (create word art to spice up digital essays or group presentations)

Google Maps (create custom maps to display information in relation to geographical areas)

Google Earth (geographical, visual information from all over the world)

Zotero (free bibliography manager software)

Evernote (organize any and everything so it’s easily accessible)

Flickr (largely CC images for use in your projects)

ManyEyes (a variety of data visualization tools)

GameMaker (like the title says, make your own games)

Popplet (create timelines, show links between concepts, diagram your ideas, and more)

You Can Make Video Games (more info on how to make games)

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