Matt McNamee- Introductory Blog

Twitter Username: @matty_mac93

Hi class. My name is Matt McNamee, but you can all call me Matty. I am a junior studying Media Studies and Production. I really enjoy television and hope to one-day work in it. Mobile Media interests me because online streaming in media today is emerging as the most used way to consume media. Just recently, I was at the airport and as I was waiting for my plane, I streamed the film Mystic River on my cell phone through the Netflix app. I find mobile streaming very interesting and would like to learn more about it.

From this class, I’d like to learn more about mobile trends and find out why people do not mind a smaller screen. Usually, when a person is looking to buy a TV they are looking for the biggest and best picture. With the rise in mobile viewing, people are substituting this large picture for a much smaller one with a worse quality. I would like to learn more about why people are doing this.

The Matty Mac Hour: I included the link to the podcast for my radio show. I am involved in WHIP: Temple University’s Student Radio Station and host my own show every Thursday at three o’clock; I also co host Monday-Wednesday on The Quinn Show also on at three. I really enjoy radio and hope that I can continue to be involved in it through my professional career.

Last semester, I finished an internship at Nancy Glass Productions, a reality television studio located in Bala Cynwyd, PA. This was where I first realized that I want to work in television. I assisted in working on shows like Tanked, Dangerous Grounds, and The Hunt for Hogzilla. I was given the opportunity to view early cuts of the shows, find stills and stock footage, and go on set and directly help with filming.



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